Defence against Edged Weapons & Firearms

This is the course that will take your unarmed self-defence skills to the next level: defending against the armed attacker. This one-day course which will build on any previously taught skills & techniques will give the student the ability to shock and disable a weapon-armed attacker and escape to safety. This course will include force imitation. This simple training system will give you technique stopping methods that will work regardless of your size, strength and physical condition.

Subjects Covered:

  • Defence against knife thrusts, stabs, slashes, and stationary threats.
  • Defence against impact weapons such as sticks, clubs (rigid weapons), and chains or other flexible weapons.
  • Handgun disarming from the front, side, & rear.


To instruct & equip participants in the art of disarming techniques: Attacks from the front using Small Arms and Sharp weapons (i.e. knifes, broken bottles).


By the end of the training session, participants should be able to:

  • Carry out disarming techniques on your own.
  • Learn to work as part of a two and three person disarming team (if required).
  • Street disarming techniques.
  • Weapon retention.
  • Retaining evidence.

Discuss the legal implications of the use of reasonable force according to UK law

Understand the different ways of dealing with blunt and sharp weapons, and the safest way to disarm an assailant from these so that they no longer pose a threat to us or others.

Learn how to assess and use your environment; thus working out what may be used to defend and assess the quickest possible escape route, to minimising confrontation.

What to do in a hostage situation.



Course Fee's are based on Price per person

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