CBRN Training Programme

ISTQ are proud to announce our highly trained partners now provide our CBRN training courses which have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the CBRN community today and into the future.

Our course and syllabus designers are drawn from the forefront of the UK’s CBRN community ensuring that content and contexts are up to date and relevant now and into the future. They are a leading global security company specialising in CBRN, risk management and supplying specialist equipment and products. With a global network of multi-disciplined consultants we can offer clear objective training, advice and guidance to clients enabling domestic and international businesses to achieve their security objectives.

All of the courses are designed around a core syllabus, which can then be uplifted to meet the specific needs of the client. The courses are designed to be agile and flexible in order that the context to the course can be built around the core syllabus. Thus the courses remain relevant to the Military, Emergency Services, Corporate Sector, Media and the Security Sectors. Importantly the core messaging remains the same in order that a unified message is delivered across all sectors generating synergies throughout response options.

Our ISTQ/CBRN HEAT modules have been designed to ‘bolt’ onto any HEAT package or be delivered as standalone packages in order to provide deploying personnel with the knowledge and basic skills to protect themselves within a CBR or N environment.

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